Can I nominate a person or project for more than one award category?

A project can be nominated for an award in up to two of our eight project categories subject to each entry satisfying the specific award criteria in that category.

An individual can only be nominated for the ‘Lifetime Leadership’ award.

The event organisers reserve the right to reassign nominations to a category they believe best suited to that nomination.


What happens if a project, person or organisation receives multiple nominations?

The number of nominations in itself will not add any weight to the judging process. However the judges will take into account all information provided in making their decision.


Who wins the award for a project category?

The award winner for the project categories will be the organisation listed in the nomination as the main decision maker, this should be the main company or business which drove the project from conception to completion.


Will I be contacted for more information?

We may need to contact you to seek further information in order to progress your entry. We may also need to contact other individuals detailed in your nomination. Please provide current email addresses and mobile telephone numbers for this purpose and if contacted respond as soon as possible.


When will I hear if my nomination has been successful?

Each Region / Countries Awards will have a different confirmation date. Please see each Region / Country page for specific dates. 


How do I determine if a project or organisation meets the award criteria?

As part of our efforts to recognise, reward and support the best Sports Technology businesses and organisations in each Region / Country, we have a few essential requirements for award nominees.

The main organisation ‘project owner’ involved with a nominated project must:

  • Reside in the Region / Country  
  • Have a registered Business in the Region / Country
  • Have been operating in that Region / Country for at least 12 months (as at May of the Awards Year)

This criteria also applies to start-ups nominated for the ‘Fast Growth’ and ‘Emerging Sports Technologies’ awards.