For European companies and projects involving Sports & Technologies

How to Enter EUSTA?

Anyone can make a nomination for the European Sports Technology Awards (EUSTA) and we welcome nominations from any individual, company or organisation with involvement in the Sports Technology industry. Pre-register below to be notified when applications open for the 2021 EUSTA Awards. 


Stadium & Venue Technology
Sports Analytics & Data
Sports Performance & Coaching
Sports Management Technology
Wearables & Smart Devices
Social & Fan Engagement
Broadcast & Media Technology
Fast Growth Award
Emerging Sports Technologies Award
Lifetime Leadership Award

General Conditions of Entry

A project can be nominated for a maximum of two award categories in Europe.

Nominations from individuals for themselves for the ‘Lifetime Leadership’ will not be accepted, someone else must nominate you on your behalf. 

However, any individual  may nominate projects or start-ups which they have been involved with as part of a wider group, team or organisation. 


By submitting a nomination you are confirming that:

  • Any person or organisation named has agreed to being nominated and their contact details being provided.
  • All associated parties involved with any project nomination are aware of your nomination and agrees to you providing their contact details.
  • Any person or organisation named has agreed to the release of all information included in your nomination, and understands that this may be used in an electronic or print publication without their prior consent.


EUSTA organizers reserves the right to feature profiles of the winners and photographs of the attendees at the awards event on the awards website and to share the nomination details with the partners of the awards.

Award winners will be required to make themselves available, within reason, for promotional purposes for up to one month after the awards announcement.